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The Importance of Sunglasses

Top 5 Reasons You Should Wear Sunglasses More Often Maybe your mom nagged you to wear sunglasses as a kid, or your dad always had an extra pair around to make you wear on bike rides, but have you ever ...
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How to Care for Your Contact Lenses

H ow to Care for Your Contact Lenses Whether you’re new to wearing contact lenses or you’ve had them for years, one of the most important things to know is how to take care of them. Proper ...
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The Effects of Exercise on Vision

How Exercise Can Help You See Better, Longer You likely already know the many benefits regular exercise has for your health -- improved energy levels, lower blood pressure, weight loss. But did you ...
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Living with Cataracts: Is It Time for Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts are something you may have to deal with starting around your 40s or 50s. Although cataracts are not life-threatening, they can cause difficulties in everyday life. Don’t let cataracts ...
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Why Are Regular Eye Exams So Important?

Although eye exams seem to only be an examination of how good or bad your eyesight is, it actually comprises of much more things. Eye exams are a great part of preventative care when it comes to your ...
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Dealing With Dry Eyes? How to Refresh on the Go

We use our eyes constantly on a daily basis, so any type of irritation can be quite bothersome, even if it’s mild dry eyes. If you’re finding yourself rubbing your eyes a lot due to ...
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Don't Fall for Fall Allergies: Precautions You Can Take

When fall rolls around, it can be quite distressing, especially if you have bad allergies. You may feel like you spend the entire day in a haze, sneezing, blowing your nose, rubbing your eyes, and ...
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4 Non-Surgical Ways to Revitalize Your Eyes and Lips

As we get older, the effects of time get more and more noticeable, no matter how much care we put into taking care of our skin. Even with the avoidance of alcohol, drugs, and smoking, and the ...
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Is LASIK Right for Me?

If your eyesight is impaired, chances are you wear glasses on a daily basis to see clearly. However, you may be tired of constantly having to push up your sliding glasses, or you may be concerned ...
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Fixing Nearsightedness with LASIK

Nearsightedness, a condition that causes people to have trouble seeing faraway objects—while still having excellent vision for nearby objects—is one of the most common types of refractive ...
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How Crizal Prevencia Can Protect Your Eyes

In the 21 st century, most Americans spend at least part of their day looking at an electronic device—a computer screen, a tablet, a mobile device, a television. What most of us don’t ...
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Why Your Eyesight Changes with Age

If you’re over 40 and planning to visit your vision center near Windham for an eye exam, then you may have questions about how your age can affect your vision. Read on to learn about how age can ...
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Is Your Smartphone Harming Your Eyes?

According to eye specialists, your cell phone could be affecting your eyesight. If you’re experiencing vision problems and live in Derry, then there is a chance that they are related to your ...
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Choosing the Right LASIK Provider

Are you looking for a provider of LASIK near Manchester, Windham, or Derry? If so, then there are several factors that you should consider when choosing a surgeon for your procedure. Consider the ...
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Do You Need Reading Glasses?

A common reason for individuals to visit an eye doctor as they get older is a decrease in their eyes’ ability to read well. With age, the lenses in your eyes can become less flexible, making it ...
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Try the Spindel Eye Associates LASIK Self-Evaluation Test

If you’re thinking about having LASIK surgery near Manchester, Derry, or Londonderry, then you may be wondering if this treatment is right for you. To determine your candidacy for this ...
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Why You're Never Too Old for Better Eyesight with LASIK

Are you thinking about getting LASIK surgery and live near Londonderry, Manchester, or Derry, but worry that you may be too old for the procedure? If so, then here is some good news: as long as your ...
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How LASIK Benefits Athletes

Athletes who live in Manchester and those located near Londonderry and Derry might consider LASIK surgery for a variety of reasons. Like other LASIK patients, athletes can benefit from significant ...
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Eye Health and Your Diet

Did you know that an eye doctor can often determine which patients have diabetes without ever looking at their medical history? When you go for an eye exam in the Derry area, the eye doctor can check ...
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Reasons to Consider Switching to Contact Lenses

There’s no question that eyeglasses are the preferred vision correction method for many patients. They are ideal for individuals who have trouble putting contact lenses in and for those who want ...
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Practicing Good Vision Care

The first step to practicing good eye health is to visit an eye doctor at any one of our offices in Derry, Windham or Londonderry. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam once per year, even if you think ...
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Knowing If LASIK Is Right for You

LASIK treatment can have a significant impact on your life by improving your vision, but not every procedure is right for everyone. If you are considering LASIK eye surgery and live in Derry, ...
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Why You Should Look to Spindel for LASIK [Infographic]

Are you tired of relying on glasses or contact lenses to get through the day? LASIK surgery can correct the source of your vision problem and let you see clearly without any corrective aides. ...
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The Benefits of Choosing LASIK

If you’re considering LASIK surgery and you live in Derry, Londonderry, or near Manchester, you may be wondering how this procedure can benefit your vision. It’s common for patients to see ...
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Symptoms and Types of Astigmatism

If you think you may have astigmatism and live in Derry, Londonderry, or near Windham, visit your eye specialist for an eye exam. There are several types of astigmatism which all have similar ...
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