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Providing Essilor Lens Designs

The Spindel Eye Associates Optical Department is a full service optical dispensary dedicated to providing convenient, quality eyewear products and services. Our opticians are trained to help you choose a frame that works with you and fits your lifestyle. The Spindel Eye Associates Optical Department offers hundreds of stylish frames that reflect the latest fashion trends from designer lines.

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We live in a booming technology age. People are not just talking ‘on’ their phones; they are talking ‘to’ their phones. The devices we use everyday are even coined ‘Smart’ and respond to voice activation. Most everyone is familiar with the term "high definition." In most cases, the term is used to describe the latest televisions and the way in which TV is being broadcast in a sophisticated way. This method can be applied to the production and digital manufacturing of eyeglass lenses.

Spindel Eye Associates is proud to bring you eyeglass lenses from the world's leading provider, Essilor. They have been improving their optical technology for more than 160 years, providing the most enhanced vision experiences. Essilor is always at the top of research and innovation. Their goal is to create the most beautiful, comfortable and durable corrective lens design the world, which is why we love working with them.

They offer visual fatigue solutions that combat our modern use of technology at the workplace and for leisure. As a leader in ophthalmic optics, Essilor continues to offer breakthrough technology that protects and enhances vision.

Are you looking for something more user friendly?

The Spindel Eye Associates Optical Department has a complete line of quality frames that are stylish for the budget conscious. In addition, we can prescribe eyewear that is “task specific” These glasses can make your job or sport seem easier. Additionally Spindel Eye Associates offers a wide range of contact lenses.

Please feel free to consult one of our opticians regarding any of our traditional or unique contact lens options.