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Discover unparalleled eye care in Derry, NH, with Spindel Eye Associates. With over 35 years of dedicated service, our team of expert optometrists and ophthalmologists is committed to preserving and enhancing your vision. From routine eye exams to advanced surgical interventions, we provide comprehensive eye treatment solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes cutting-edge technology, ensuring the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. Whether you’re seeking cataract surgery, LASIK, cosmetic procedures, or general eye care, Spindel Eye Associates is your trusted partner. Schedule your appointment today and experience the clarity of vision you deserve. Your journey to better eye health starts here.

The Importance of Eye Procedures

Maintaining optimal vision and eye health is crucial for overall well-being, and eye procedures play a pivotal role in achieving and preserving these essential aspects of life. Regular eye examinations, performed by skilled optometrists and ophthalmologists, are fundamental for the early detection of potential issues such as refractive errors, glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal diseases. These procedures not only assess the current state of one’s vision but also serve as preventative measures, enabling timely identification and intervention of conditions that, if left untreated, could lead to irreversible vision loss. Advanced treatments like LASIK surgery, cataract removal, and other therapeutic interventions are integral in restoring and optimizing vision. The importance of these procedures extends beyond mere eyesight, influencing daily activities, quality of life, and overall health. By prioritizing regular eye procedures, individuals can actively contribute to maintaining optimal vision and proactively address potential eye health concerns.

Eye Care Procedures in Derry & Surrounding Areas

Our Comprehensive Services

At Spindel Eye Associates, we offer a range of comprehensive services designed to address your diverse eye care needs. Our services include:

  • Dry Eye TreatmentWe offer fast, effective relief from dry eye symptoms with non-invasive, pain-free dry eye treatment. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to determine the root cause of your dry eyes, and then offer the most effective treatment option for you. We specialize in artificial tears, tear conservation, prescription medications, Lipiflow, and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments.
  • Intense (IPL) Pulsed Light – Experience relief from dry eye syndrome through our IPL treatments. This non-invasive procedure targets the root causes of dry eyes, providing a pain-free solution for improved comfort and vision.
  • Astigmatism Treatment – Say goodbye to blurry vision and discomfort. Our astigmatism treatments, which may include prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, or refractive laser surgery, are personalized to address each patient’s unique needs.
  • Vitreoretinal Diseases and TreatmentsA vitreoretinal disease is one that affects the retina and the vitreous fluid in the back of the eye. Without treatment, your vision and overall health may be at risk. We have extensive education, training, and experience treating diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and other vitreoretinal diseases.
  • Myopia ManagementMyopia, or nearsightedness, is a very common vision problem. We offer myopia treatment and myopia management services, including soft contact lenses, orthokeratology contact lenses, and pharmacological interventions.
  • Conjunctivitis TreatmentConjunctivitis, or pink eye, is a highly contagious eye infection that can cause extreme discomfort. We specialize in diagnosing and treating allergic conjunctivitis, bacterial conjunctivitis, and viral conjunctivitis. We may recommend prescription antiviral eye drops, ointments, pills, antihistamines, or antibiotics.
  • Floaters and Flashes TreatmentFloaters and flashes can impair your vision and affect your ability to go about your normal daily tasks. We will perform a comprehensive eye exam to assess the underlying cause of your floaters and flashes and determine what type of treatment will be most effective. We specialize in surgical intervention and laser treatment.
  • Emergency Eye CareAn eye emergency can threaten your vision and overall health. We offer fast, effective emergency eye care to reduce your risk of infection, vision loss, and permanent eye damage. We can quickly assess and treat major and minor eye emergencies without the stress of waiting in a hospital emergency room. We specialize in treating scratches, abrasions, cuts, trauma to the eye, vision loss, and eye infections.
  • Myopia After 40As you get older, you should become more proactive about your eye care. Preventive eye care and annual eye exams allow us to catch problems before they get more serious. Our team offers eye exams, eye care services, and myopia management to patients over 40. If your vision has changed since you turned 40, contact us to schedule an eye exam today.
  • Corneal Cross LinkingIf your cornea has become weak or warped due to keratoconus, you might be a good candidate for corneal cross linking. This procedure is minimally invasive, quick, and virtually pain-free. A few days after the procedure, you should expect to find relief from symptoms like cloudy vision, poor night vision, glares and halos around lights, light sensitivity, and general eye discomfort.
  • Computer Vision SyndromeComputer Vision Syndrome occurs in patients who spend hours a day looking at their laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone, television, or other screen. CVS might cause eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, light sensitivity, trouble focusing, double vision, eye fatigue, and trouble sleeping. We can create a personalized CVS treatment plan that promotes healthier habits at work and home and reduces your symptoms.
  • LASIK – Achieve visual freedom with our LASIK eye surgery, a precise and effective procedure that corrects refractive errors, providing clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses.
  • EVO-ICL Eye SurgeryEVO-ICL surgery can transform your vision through an implanted Collamer Lens that corrects nearsightedness and astigmatism. The Collamer Lens is biocompatible and can be implanted while leaving the corneal tissue intact. After EVO-ICL surgery, you will have clearer vision, better night vision, added UV ray protection, and no risk of dry eye syndrome.
  • Glaucoma Laser SurgeryCombat glaucoma with our advanced surgical interventions. Timely glaucoma surgery can help lower elevated eye pressure, preventing further damage to the optic nerves and preserving vision.
  • Cataract Surgery – Experience life with renewed clarity through our advanced cataract surgery. Our skilled ophthalmologists remove cloudy lenses and replace them with clear artificial ones, restoring vision and improving overall quality of life.
  • Oculoplastic SurgeryOculoplastic surgery can correct issues with your eye health like tumors, tears, or droopy eyelids. We specialize in multiple types of oculoplastic surgery, including ocular reconstructive surgery, aesthetic eyelid surgery, ptosis repair, entropion repair, ectropion repair, and external dacryocystorhinostomy repair.
  • Cornea Disease and Transplant SurgeryIf you have a corneal abrasion, Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy, Bullous keratopathy, or Keratoconus, we offer treatment options and surgical intervention to reduce your symptoms, improve your vision and overall health, and prevent vision loss.
  • PRK SurgeryPRK laser eye surgery can correct vision loss caused by nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. PRK is the preferred surgical method for thin corneas. The procedure does not require the use of corneal flaps.
  • Routine and Comprehensive Eye Exams – Regular eye exams are the foundation of preventative eye care. Our thorough examinations assess your vision and allow for early detection of potential issues, ensuring timely intervention for optimal eye health.
  • Pediatric Eye ExamsWe offer routine and emergency eye care for children of all ages. We specialize in comprehensive eye exams, disease screening, preventive eye care, and eyeglasses for children.
  • Eyeglass Exams – We recommend that adults have their vision checked each year, even if they think their prescription has not changed. If you can’t remember the last time you bought eyeglasses or had an eye exam, schedule an appointment for an eyeglass exam today.
  • Contact Lens ExamsA contact lens exam is more than just a vision exam. We also provide professional recommendations for contact lens types and brands and professional contact lens fittings.
  • Specialty Contact Lens ExamsSpecialty contact lenses are made for people with certain eye diseases or conditions, like keratoconus, dry eye, severe astigmatism, or a very high prescription. We specialize in specialty contact lens exams and can write a contact lens prescription for corneal gas-permeable contact lenses, hybrid lenses, scleral lenses, and specialty prosthetic and tinted contact lenses.
  • Cosmetic Procedures – Enhance your natural beauty with our cosmetic procedures, including Botox®, Juvéderm, Restylane, and Radiesse. Tailored for those aged 18 to 65, these non-surgical options help rejuvenate your appearance, complementing your overall eye health and wellness.

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Embark on a journey to optimal eye health and clarity with Spindel Eye Associates in Derry, NH. Our commitment to excellence, advanced technologies, and personalized care sets us apart as leaders in comprehensive eye treatment. Whether you’re considering LASIK, cataract surgery, cosmetic procedures, or routine eye care, our skilled team is dedicated to providing unparalleled services. Take the first step towards better vision by scheduling your appointment now. At Spindel Eye Associates, your eyes are our priority, and we look forward to being your trusted partner in maintaining and enhancing your vision for years to come. Experience the difference—see the world with newfound clarity.