• 3 Benefits of Anti-Glare Coating

    Do you ever find yourself struggling to see clearly in bright lighting situations? Maybe you’re sitting in front of your computer screen or walking outside on a sunny day. If so, anti-glare glasses could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Anti-glare coating is an added feature to your glasses and is designed to decrease […]

  • What You Should Know About Night Blindness

    Imagine walking in the dark and finding it hard to see anything in front of you. The street lights are not as bright as they used to be, and headlights of passing cars seem blinding. This is what people with night blindness struggle with. Also known as Nyctalopia, night blindness occurs when one has difficulty […]

  • Are You Susceptible To Vision Loss?

    As we go about our daily lives, vision plays an indispensable role in helping us navigate through different environments, read, work, and enjoy various activities. Unfortunately, many people take their vision for granted and do not prioritize eye health until it’s too late. However, many eye conditions can develop over time, leading to varying degrees […]

  • Why Are Blue Eyes More Sensitive To Light?

    Have you ever noticed how people with blue eyes seem to squint more in bright sunlight compared to those with brown or green eyes? This is because blue eyes are naturally more sensitive to light due to the amount of melanin in the iris. In this blog post, we’ll explore why blue eyes are more […]

  • Why Are Dilated Eye Exams So Important?

    Taking care of your eyes is crucial to maintaining good eye health and preventing vision loss. One important aspect of this is undergoing regular eye exams. During a comprehensive eye exam, your optometrist may recommend a dilated eye exam, which involves using drops to enlarge your pupils to get a better view of the back […]

  • Is It Really That Bad to Sleep or Shower In Contact Lenses?

    Wearing contact lenses has become quite popular these days. They provide a lot of benefits over glasses. For instance, they do not fog up when you are doing physical activities, they offer better peripheral vision, and you do not have to worry about them getting in the way of your appearance. However, there are also […]

  • Why Eye Exams Are More Important Than Ever

    Our sense of sight is one of the most vital functions of our body, allowing us to explore the world and engage with those around us. However, in this digital age where we spend most of our time in front of screens, our eyes are exposed to more strain than ever before. This can lead […]

  • 5 Ways to Protect and Improve Your Child’s Eyesight

    As a parent, one of the most important things you can do for your child is to make sure they have good eye health. Unfortunately, many children today suffer from vision problems. The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect your child’s eyesight and even improve it. In this blog […]

  • Bloodshot Eyes – Should You Be Concerned?

    Having bloodshot eyes can be an embarrassing and disconcerting problem. Not knowing the cause of your red, swollen eyes can add to that uneasiness or feeling of discomfort. The good news is, there are a number of potential causes for bloodshot eyes which one might experience throughout their lifetime–some more common than others. In this […]

  • 5 Eye Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

    Your eyes are a crucial part of your overall health and well-being, which is why any changes to your vision or appearance should never be ignored. However, it can be hard to determine when to see an eye doctor and when to wait it out. In this blog post, we’ll outline 5 common eye symptoms […]