• Why You Should Look to Spindel for LASIK [Infographic]

    Are you tired of relying on glasses or contact lenses to get through the day? LASIK surgery can correct the source of your vision problem and let you see clearly without any corrective aides. Successful LASIK surgery, however, relies on choosing the right eye doctor. At Spindel Eye Associates , our doctors have performed thousands of LASIK surgeries, so they have the experience and knowledge to adapt the procedure to each patient’s individual needs. At Spindel, your LASIK eye surgery will be performed using the very latest laser technology, completely eradicating the need for metal blades and the associated risk of infection. Find out more about LASIK eye surgery and why you should choose Spindel for your eye care needs by reading through this infographic. Contact us if you are considering LASIK surgery near Derry, Londonderry, or Windham, and please help others make the right choice for their LASIK procedures by sharing this information.

    Why You Should Look to Spindel for LASIK

  • Eyeing Up IPL for Dry Eyes [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you suffer from dry eyes, then you know how uncomfortable the symptoms can be. Dry eyes can cause stinging, burning, itching, and redness, and can even interfere with your ability to see clearly. Although eye drops are usually the first treatment for dry eyes, the majority of patients don’t get adequate relief. Now, there is another option: IPL for dry eyes. IPL stands for intense pulsed light and uses laser technology to spur the production of tears to keep your eyes moisturized. The procedure is painless and provides better results than other dry eye treatments. Learn more about IPL therapy for dry eyes in this infographic from Spindel Eye Associates . In addition to IPL in Salem, we provide a range of other eye care services, including exams and eye surgery. Millions of people suffer from the discomfort of dry eyes, so help spread the word about this new treatment option by sharing this helpful information.

    spindel eye infographic

  • LASIK: The Cheaper Long-Term Option [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Are you tired of relying on contact lenses or glasses just so you can see clearly? Do you wish that you could wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock without blurriness? If so, it’s time to consider LASIK eye surgery in Derry . LASIK greatly reduces or, in some cases, eliminates dependence on corrective vision aids. While the up-front cost of LASIK might seem expensive, it ends up paying for itself in the long run, especially when compared to the cost of contact lenses or glasses. Without taking inflation into account, you’ll spend about the same for LASIK as you would for 20 years of contact lenses. LASIK eye surgery also offers a value that can’t be priced, as it improves your overall quality of life. Check out this infographic to learn more about LASIK eye surgery, and please share with your friends and family!