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  • Finding the Perfect Glasses for Your Child

    Taking your child for regular eye exams is important, especially because children’s vision is constantly developing. Seeing an eye doctor regularly can help catch problems before they interfere with your child’s school performance, and your doctor can determine whether or not your child needs glasses. If it’s determined that glasses are required, though, it will […]

  • At What Age Should My Child See the Eye Doctor?

    Most parents take their children to the doctor each year for an annual physical, but many do not realize that eye exams are also important for kids. Did you know that about 25 percent of school kids have vision problems that affect their school performance? School-aged children should have regular eye exams, but in fact, […]

  • Why would I need an Eye Specialist?

    Many people don’t regularly see an eye doctor. Some people very rarely see an ophthalmologist, and many only see an optometrist when it’s time to change the prescription on their eyeglasses. There are conditions, however, that require an eye doctor’s attention. How do you know when you need an eye specialist? Certain symptoms should prompt […]

  • Eye Exam

    Things your Eye Doctor Wishes You Knew

    How educated are you about eye health? Most of us don’t give our eyes much thought, but it’s important to have a basic understanding of eye function and health in order to keep them working their best. Here are some things your eye doctor wishes you knew about keeping your eyes healthy. It’s important for […]

  • What’s the difference between the different kinds of eye doctors?

    Most of us have a primary care physician for our bodies, and if something goes awry that’s outside our doctor’s realm of expertise, we’re given a referral to a different doctor. It’s all pretty straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of thought on the part of the patient. When it comes to our vision, though, […]

  • Eye Health and Your Diet

    Did you know that an eye doctor can often determine which patients have diabetes without ever looking at their medical history? When you go for an eye exam in the Derry area, the eye doctor can check for damage of the retina , which is at the back of the eye. If you have diabetes […]

  • Reasons to Consider Switching to Contact Lenses

    There’s no question that eyeglasses are the preferred vision correction method for many patients. They are ideal for individuals who have trouble putting contact lenses in and for those who want fashionable accessories for their outfits. But eyeglasses also have many disadvantages. If you’ve never tried contact lenses before and you live near Windham, it’s […]

  • Treatment Considerations for Dry Eye

    Eye examinations often reveal that a patient has been experiencing dry eye symptoms. Dry eyes can be very uncomfortable , causing symptoms such as stinging or burning sensations. Fortunately, there are options available for dry eye treatment in Londonderry. An eye doctor may recommend using artificial tears for patients with occasional, mild symptoms. Patients who […]

  • Spotlight on Dr. David J. Ramsey

    Dr. David J. Ramsey , one of the eye doctors in Derry at Spindel Eye Associates, specializes in treating patients who need eye care that includes medical and surgical treatments for vitreoretinal eye diseases, such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Dr. Ramsey attended the University of Illinois in Chicago to earn his MD and […]

  • Get to Know Dr. John M. O’Block

    When looking for a new eye doctor near Londonderry and Windham , Spindel Eye Associates has a number of qualified eye doctors available to serve you. Serving the Windham area, Dr. John M. O’Block, O.D. brings years of experience and expertise to the practice. Dr. O’Block received his Doctor of Optometry from the New England […]