IPL Dry Eye Treatment in Southern New Hampshire

Discover this pain-free dry eye treatment!

Many people suffer from itchy, burning, or watery eyes but assume there is no way to treat the problem. Dry Eye is a disease that affects tear production or drainage. If Dry Eye is left untreated you can develop serious eye problems. Fortunately, your local eye care providers, Spindel Eye Associates, have a new innovative treatment. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Pulses of light are administered to the cheeks and under portion of the eyelids. After the light treatment is performed, the doctor will express the Meibomian glands to clear out any blockages, which will allow the oil to flow out naturally. Treatments are repeated once a month over the course of four months, though some patients may need more treatments, success rates have been astronomical. Call our office now to schedule a Dry Eye Consultation.

Benefits of IPL Dry Eye Treatment

Effective dry eye treatment hinges on providing relief for symptoms and preventing future occurrences of dry eyes. IPL therapy, or intense pulsed light therapy, offers many benefits for patients suffering from dry eye symptoms that cause discomfort or even interfere with daily life.

  • IPL therapy doesn’t simply relieve the symptoms of dry eyes—this targeted therapy addresses the cause of dry eyes to prevent symptoms from recurring.
  • Through the use of IPL treatment, you can achieve long-lasting relief from dry eyes without the need for antibiotics, medicated eyedrops, or surgical solutions.
  • Once your initial IPL therapy is complete, you can maintain your results and continue to prevent dry eye symptoms from recurring with only one or two re-treatment visits per year.
  • Receiving IPL treatment is a relaxing and comfortable experience that can be performed in your eye doctor’s office. It requires only three to five minutes to complete the main phase of treatment.