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With the help of Dr. O'Block and his colleagues at Spindel Eye, my confidence to hold meaningful and long conversations was fully restored. I could not be any happier with the results!

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Jean C. July 8, 2021

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During my recent yearly visit with David Vazan M.D., I was most impressed with the high order of technology in which you have invested to support your outstanding medical professionals. All of your personnel from check-in to check-out were not only highly qualified, but they were friendly and informative at every step in maintaining the health of my vision. After my visit with Dr. Vazan, I bought a new pair of glasses from your excellent optical department. Again I was treated warmly and in a most professional manner. I have since been fitted with my new glasses and am most happy with the results. My highest respect for all the wonderful professional members of Spindel Eye Associates!

John M May 24, 2021

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My cataract surgery was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my health. Before the surgery I had trouble reading even with glasses and my night driving vision was poor. I opted for the multifocal lens and I am amazed at how well they perform. My vision after the surgery is 20/20 for distance and reading. My intermediate vision is 20/15. No more reading glasses! The surgery was quick and painless. The recovery went very smoothly. Thank you Dr. Spindel and the wonderful staff that were very professional and caring

Paul T May 15, 2021

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Spindel has been awesome. Dr. Vazan performed my LASIK surgery 2 years ago, and I see better than I ever have. The staff is insanely friendly, the office is comfortable and clean. Not really sure what else you’d want from an optometrist.

Shawn M March 22, 2021

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You will love the way Spindel Eye Associates operates as a team. Every single person I have dealt with has such a professional and warm positive energy. Dr. Guernana is my doctor/surgeon and has his finger on the pulse of the latest technologies and treatments. I have never had a doctor so thorough and detailed in his patient education and quick to explain your options and choices. He is interested in my concerns, fears, feedback and observations. He's a great listener and takes the time to walk me through every question and detail of any surgery and treatments. His assistant, Tanya, is smart ,confident and compassionate.. she goes above and beyond with her follow up to any of my needs. This is the A TEAM of Ophthalmology for me.

Diane G March 9, 2021

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Awesome experience. Everyone is so knowledgeable & professional. Also impressed with the COVID-19 precautions that are being utilized. So glad I have returned to this practice!

Michael F March 9, 2021

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I've been a patient for several years of Dr. Vazan. I can't recommend Spindel high enough. My last visit was like every other one-compassionate, caring staff who work well with a patient who has a tremendous amount of anxiety around anything to do with my eyes. The team at Spindel is terrific from checking in right through checking out. They exhibit great communication and the follow up with my PCP is immediate. Thank you for your care and the care you provide each and every day!

Michael H March 9, 2021

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I was greeted by the nicest woman, i think her name was Shelly, she also worked behind the desk. She was so helpful regarding my insurance and the type of appointment i was having.
The nurse that took me back to the machines, she had red hair and I think her name was Kelly, she was so knowledgeable and explained everything to me. I understood i was seeing a new doctor, Dr. Guenena. He was so thorough and he was the kindest person. Great experience!

Barbara Shaner Derry February 19, 2021

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