Glaucoma Surgery In Southern NH

Jean was referred to Dr. Guenena for a corneal consult about a year ago. His eye history includes when he was only 4 years old he suffered a penetrating trauma caused by a broken record that lacerated his cornea which left him with a significant corneal scar. Then when Jean was 14 years old, he developed a retinal detachment and secondary glaucoma. All of these traumatic experiences left him with light perception vision, basically blind. For many years he would have to explain why his left eye looked the way it did. Needless to say, he became self conscious because every time he had a conversation with someone he could tell that his scar was a source of detraction.

Before any surgical intervention, Dr. Guenena wanted to see if any contact lens could be beneficial.Dr. Prendergast and I saw Jean and started the process of fitting him with a custom, hand-made cosmetic color contact lens from Adventures In Colors located in Colorado. The fitting process involved numerous visits and modifying the parameters sometimes 1mm at a time. Finally, after 25 years of having to see his corneal scar every time he looked into the mirror or in a photo Jean was able to cover up the scar and feel “normal”. He said, “I never thought this was possible”. He was speechless, but the smile and tears of joy spoke volumes.