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Frames for Spectacles

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Tips For Frame Selection

With so many frames to choose from and styles available, finding the right frame for you can seem overwhelming, but finding the right frame is quite easy to do. You can use these basic guidelines to help you:

1. When selecting a frame for yourself, a basic guideline to start with is to choose frames that are the opposite of your face shape. See shape guideline below for further details.

2. Make sure your eyes are centered comfortably in the frame. This will help the look of the frame fit you and also is an important factor to those with strong prescriptions and progressive lenses. Regardless of the lens material selected, if the eye is properly centered in the frame, the lenses will come out thinner.

3. Temple length is another key part to selecting the proper frames. Make sure temples (otherwise called by many as the frame’s “arms”) are long enough so that they can be adjusted properly. Short temples will not fit properly behind the ear and will cause unwanted tilt and can alter the way one sees through their glasses. While overly long temples will sit too far behind the ear and the frame will not give a secure fit or feel while on your head, or if curled downward, will leave extra temple length visually protruding below the ear.

4. Assess the size of your nose to see if a large or narrow bridge is best. Use a larger bridge for wider noses or a narrow bridge (generally a frame with nose pads) for narrower noses to ensure proper fit. Certain bridges can enhance or draw attention away from a large nose. Frames that fit close to a large nose will minimize the size and focus attention to the frame. The idea is to limit the amount of space from the bridge of the nose to the bridge of the frame. A narrow/small frame bridge on a large nose will push the frame up on the face and prevent the wearer from looking through the centers of the lenses and can leave marks on the nose. Small or narrow noses require small bridges. If a frame bridge is too large for a nose, it will leave a mark on the top of a person’s bridge. Removable nose pads can be mounted onto most plastic frames to achieve a better overall fit.

5. When selecting frames that will need to accommodate progressive or bifocal lenses, the optician will help ensure that the minimum height requirement needed for the lenses is met. Often at times, an adjustment can be made to the frame (e.g. opening the bridge, changing the angle) that will allow it to work with a progressive or bifocal lens.

One final pointer, when shopping for frames, it helps to bring along a friend you trust (and whose style you like) to offer honest opinions. Above all, choose a frame that you like and that reflects your style and personality.

Face shape
There are seven basic face shapes: oval, oblong, round, triangle, square, rectangular and diamond.

  • Oval – Your features are proportional and considered an “ideal” shape. Most styles look good on an oval face so try either geometric or rounded frames to keep a balanced look to your face.
  • Oblong – Your face is rectangular and is longer than it is wide. Pick a curved or rounded style to emphasize the width of your face rather than the depth. Triangular, circular or a deep fitting frame from top to bottom will help shorten the angles of the face.
  • Round – Your face is circular with soft curves. Squared or angled frames will help sharpen your features and thin out and lengthen your round face.
  • Triangular – Aviator and geometric styles can add width to the lower part of the face.
  • Square – Your face is as wide as it is long. Look for rounded, cat-eyed, or oval styles to soften the shape of your face.
  • Rectangular – Curved or rounded styles will make your face appear wider.
  • Diamond – You have a wide cheekbone structure and narrower forehead and chin. Look for frames with a wider top than bottom and semi-rimless in achieve a minimized look for your facial features and draw the look to the top of your face.