Amblyopia Lazy Eye in Derry, NH & Nearby Areas

Amblyopia lazy eye is a vision disorder that can be acquired at birth or developed in childhood. Amblyopia is commonly associated with underlying vision problems that require prompt intervention to mitigate complications and permanent impairments. That’s where Spindel Eye Associates comes in. We provide trusted amblyopia treatment for patients in Derry, NH, & surrounding areas.

What Is Amblyopia?

Amblyopia (lazy eye) is a disorder that affects the strength and clarity of vision in one or both eyes. This condition involves a functional disconnect between the brain and the eyes, leading the brain to favor one eye while reducing vision in the other. Without intervention, amblyopia can lead to a number of complications, including vision loss.

Amblyopia Lazy Eye Treatment in Derry & Nearby Areas

Amblyopia Symptoms

Amblyopia symptoms are not always immediately apparent in children. In fact, amblyopia often goes unnoticed until diagnosed by a doctor during a routine eye examination. Amblyopia symptoms may include:

  • Insufficient depth perception
  • Squinting of the eyes
  • Frequently shutting one eye
  • Tilting the head to see
  • One eye drifting in another direction
  • Eyes that aren’t working in unison

What Causes a Lazy Eye?

The exact lazy eye amblyopia causes are unknown, but it can be triggered by underlying vision issues. For those with standard vision, the brain sends nerve signals to the eyes to support even vision. With eye conditions, including amblyopia, a weaker eye will face vision challenges that cause the brain to begin solely sending signals to the strong eye.

Types of Amblyopia

Certain vision problems can be precursors to the development of amblyopia. These vision conditions may include:

  • Refractive Errors – Trouble seeing objects at a distance (nearsightedness), trouble seeing objects up close (farsightedness), and blurry vision (astigmatism).
  • Strabismus – A condition where one eye drifts in another direction.
  • Cataracts – Clouded eye lenses that cause blurry vision.

Is My Child at Risk for Amblyopia?

Children can be born with amblyopia or develop the condition as they age. There are risk factors that make some children more susceptible to developing amblyopia, including:

  • Children who were born premature
  • Children born smaller than average
  • Family history of amblyopia or other eye conditions, including childhood cataracts
  • Children with developmental disabilities

Diagnosing Amblyopia

It’s important to schedule a routine vision screening for your child between the ages of three and five. Early intervention is the key to alleviating amblyopia and preventing more complex or irreversible vision complications. During a routine exam, the doctor will observe for visible symptoms or areas of concern linked to underlying conditions that may be causing amblyopia.

Amblyopia Treatment

When amblyopia is the result of an underlying vision problem, the subsequent condition will be treated first. This may include prescription glasses, contact lenses, or cataract surgery. Once the condition is alleviated, lazy eye treatment focuses on re-training how the brain interacts with the weaker eye.

Amblyopia Treatment Options

At Spindel Eye Associates, we use two methods to treat amblyopia. Our treatments include:

  • Eye patches worn over the stronger eye for a minimum of two hours daily to force the brain to use the weaker eye.
  • Atropine eye drops applied in the stronger eye to temporarily blur vision, encouraging the use of the weaker eye.

Many of our patients at Spindel Eye Associates see improvements in their vision within a couple of weeks of starting amblyopia treatment. However, for most children, the best results take several months. Even once the desired vision results are achieved, patients may still require periodic treatments to prevent the return of amblyopia.

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