Frequently Asked Questions about Optical

Q: Why choose Overlook Optical for my eyewear needs?

A: Our staff is highly trained in the latest technology and trends. This allows us to fit patients of various needs into quality, comfortable eyeglasses that can accommodate a wide variety of budgets.

Q: Do I need an appointment for the optical shop?

A: No appointment is required. You may come in anytime to purchase eyeglasses as well as have them repaired, adjusted or cleaned. You can also come in if you just miss Barry and want to say hi.

Q: Do you accept insurance for eyeglasses/contacts?

A: We accept VSP (Vision Service Plan) as well as Eyemed. We also offer discounts for seniors and Military as well as for AARP or AAA members.

Q: How much will my eyeglasses cost?

A: We provide numerous options for purchasing eyewear that can satisfy any budget.

Q: How long is the warranty on my glasses?

A: Most frames and lenses carry a 1-year warranty. The addition of a scratch or Anti-Reflective (Non-Glare) coating would warranty the lenses for 2-years.

Q: How long will it take to get my glasses after they’ve been ordered?

A: The average order takes 7-10 business days, some orders may take longer due to product availability.

Q: Do I still need glasses if I wear contacts?

A: We highly recommend you have a pair of glasses as a backup in case you are unable to wear contacts temporarily. It is also beneficial to the health of your eye to take a break from contacts.

Q: Do I need sunglasses?

A: Yes, everyone should consider either prescription or non-prescription eyewear. Overtime, the sun can cause significant damage to the eye. UV protected and polarized lenses will provide the best protection as well as glare reduction for year round comfort in bright conditions.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan for eyeglasses?

A: We accept CareCredit which allows you to pay for your glasses in installments and often provides an interest free period after your purchase. Click here for more information on how to sign up.

Q: Can I get safety or sports glasses at Overlook Optical?

A: Yes, we have a number of frames and lens options to meet the demands of your job or favorite activity. Visit our shop for more options.