Optical Lenses in Southern NH

Digital Lenses

You may have heard recently about new custom digital eyeglasses. Well, we have the latest technology at Spindel Eye Associates to fit you into the perfect pair.

Spindel Eye Promotion in Derry, Windham, & Londonderry, NH


Some chain stores may boast similar measurement systems, but without certified opticians and true free form technology, you cannot be guaranteed the best sight possible. Our laboratory is capable of producing the clearest lenses available in both single vision and progressive styles.

Find the perfect pair from Overlook Optical

Overlook Optical Logo When you come to us, you can trust that you will walk away with a pair of glasses that you feel proud of! Our board certified opticians are here to match you with the glasses that best suit your needs. Once we have taken your measurements, we will turn to Overlook Optical, our separate, full-service optical shop located conveniently on premises.

If you already have a prescription and know what you’re looking for, just ask and we’ll be happy to accommodate. If you are unsure about your needs, we will begin with an eye exam.

We Offer Top-of-the-Line Lens Materials

Essilor is one of the world’s leading providers of eyeglass lenses and they are dedicated to lens research and innovation. It is their goal to provide the most beautiful, comfortable, and durable corrective lens designs available. For the third year in a row, Essilor has landed on Forbes Magazine’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.

They create a wide variety of lenses including Visual Fatigue Syndrome corrective lenses. Visual Fatigue Syndrome is caused by focusing on objects that are one to three feet away for long periods of time. At Spindel Eye Associates, we offer Essilor products so you can enjoy the best lenses possible.

Transitions Photochromic lenses by Spindel Eye Associates

Transition lenses get as a dark as a sunglass when you are outdoors and get completely clear indoors. This technology can be applied to any style lens and as added benefit is 100% UV protected.

Polarized Sun protection truly is a must. With or without prescription you will have more comfortable and safer vision because of the glare reduction.