Revolutionize Your Vision Post-Cataract Surgery with RxSight™

At Spindel Eye Associates, we’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking advancement in vision correction for our cataract surgery patients: the RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens. This state-of-the-art technology offers a level of post-surgery customization previously unimaginable, allowing us to fine-tune your vision to your specific needs and lifestyle.

Why Choose Light Adjustable Lens?

Unparalleled Customization

  • The Light Adjustable Lens is the first and only intraocular lens (IOL) that allows for vision customization after cataract surgery. Utilizing advanced photosensitive material, the lens can be adjusted and readjusted until your vision meets your personal satisfaction. Just Like you would tailor a suit or gown, we can now adjust your lenses for a more customized result.

Superior Vision Outcomes

  • Clinical studies have shown that patients fitted with the Light Adjustable Lens are twice as likely to achieve 20/20 vision or better without the need for glasses, compared to those who received standard monofocal IOLs.

RX Sight Machine, Doctor with patient

A Simple, Painless Process

  • The cataract removal and IOL implantation procedure is identical to that of traditional lenses. Post-surgery, through a series of non-invasive UV light treatments, we can precisely adjust your lens to the desired specifications. These quick, painless sessions are conducted right in our office.

How It Works

  • Initial Surgery: Your cataract is removed, and the Light Adjustable Lens is implanted using the standard procedure.
  • Healing Period: Your eye heals from surgery, preparing for the customization phase.
  • Customization Sessions: Over the next several weeks, you’ll undergo on average 2 to 4 light adjustment treatments, each lasting about 90 seconds. These adjustments are tailored to your visual needs.
  • Final Lock-In: Once your optimal vision is achieved, the final treatment permanently sets the lens.

Protecting Your Vision

To ensure the best outcomes, you will be provided with special UV protective glasses to wear between treatments. These glasses prevent premature adjustment of the lens from natural and artificial UV light sources.

  • Indoor Glasses: Clear lenses for full-time indoor use.
  • Outdoor Glasses: Tinted lenses for protection against bright sunlight.

Wearing these glasses as instructed is crucial for achieving your desired vision results.

Ready to See the Difference?

If you’re considering cataract surgery and desire a flexible, customizable solution for your vision correction, the Light Adjustable Lens might be perfect for you. Our team is here in Derry NH, to guide you through this innovative process, from consultation to your final adjustment, ensuring your vision meets your expectations.

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