• Pregnancy and Your Eyes

    A woman’s body goes through tremendous changes when she becomes pregnant, so it probably isn’t surprising to learn that pregnancy can have an impact on the eyes. The effects that 40 weeks of hormones can have on a pregnant woman’s eyes can be significant. What’s more, there are certain eye treatments that are not recommended […]

  • Know The Warning Signs Of Glaucoma By Spindle Eye Care

    Know the Warning Signs of Glaucoma

    Are you at risk for glaucoma? Anyone can develop glaucoma, but there are definitely people who are at higher risk. Based on your heritage, age, health, and personal history, you can get a good idea of your risk and take steps to counteract it. Some ethnic groups are at a higher risk for glaucoma. People […]

  • Glaucoma Surgery In Southern NH

    What You Need to Know about Glaucoma

    Glaucoma is the second-leading cause of irreversible blindness globally. In the United States alone, glaucoma affects more than 3 million people. Worldwide, 6 million people are blind in both eyes due to this condition. There are some facts you might not know about glaucoma, but they’re important, because understanding glaucoma may help protect you from […]

  • A Brief Look at the Treatment Regime for Glaucoma

      Going to an ophthalmologist for regular eye exams near Londonderry is an important way to detect vision problems as early as possible. When the eye doctor is able to detect glaucoma in its early stages, he or she can help the patient preserve his or her vision. An eye doctor can recommend both non-surgical […]

  • Glaucoma and Optic Nerve Damage

    If an eye doctor in Londonderry and Windham has diagnosed you with glaucoma, you have many treatment options available. As you work with your eye doctors to craft the best treatment plan for you, it is important to understand how glaucoma damages the optic nerve. Glaucoma is generally diagnosed during routine eye exams. The condition […]

  • How Is Glaucoma Treated?

    There are many eye diseases that lead to vision problems. It is important to know what these diseases are and how to prevent them. Glaucoma in Londonderry and Windham is one of the leading causes of blindness. Glaucoma affects the eye’s optic nerve. There are different types of glaucoma, but they affect the eye by […]

  • A Look at Common Ocular Diseases

    Most people heavily rely on their sense of sight every day of their lives. Unfortunately, there are many diseases and disorders that can compromise your eye health. For this reason it is important to maintain communication with your eye doctor near Windham. You and your eye doctor can discuss your condition and formulate an appropriate […]

  • Spotting the Signs of Glaucoma

    Have you been seeing your eye doctor for regular ocular exams in Salem? If not, you may unknowingly be developing a condition that affects millions of Americans: glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye condition that can be difficult to detect, mostly because patients don’t feel much discomfort when the problem is in its early stages. This […]

  • A Brief Look at Surgery for Glaucoma

    Have you been diagnosed with glaucoma? This progressive disease can often be managed with eye drops. When this form of topical eye treatment cannot alleviate eye pressure, though, laser eye surgery in Manchester may be the next recommended option. Glaucoma develops when fluid in the eye does not drain as needed to maintain a healthy […]

  • Diabetes and Your Vision

    If you have diabetes, the importance of obtaining yearly eye exams in Salem and surrounding areas cannot be understated. Complications from diabetes can leave you blind when proper care is not taken early on. Indeed, the leading cause of blindness for Americans in the workforce today is a condition known as diabetic retinopathy. This video introduces two […]