• What to Expect When Getting Glasses for the First Time

    Getting Glasses for the First Time After years of headaches and blurry street signs, you have finally decided to bite the bullet and visit the optometrist. Your eye doctor tells you that prescription glasses are now part of your future. Oh, happy day!

    Wearing glasses may seem like a major pain, but the difference in your vision is definitely worth it. To make the transition as easy as possible, our Derry eye care specialists have come up with a few things you can expect to encounter when wearing your new glasses.

    You can see!

    Yes, kind of a no-brainer since improved vision is the whole point of wearing glasses, but the difference can be startling. Words on a page that was only previously accessible via squinting now jump out at you with ease. Street signs are much clearer, as are the cars around you, and everything has much more detail than you ever imagined.

    Ouch, that hurts!

    Unfortunately, wearing glasses comes with a slight adjustment period. Most people will experience headaches and sore or tired eyes during the first few days. However, as your eye muscles get used to relaxing instead of working so hard to make sense of what you are seeing, the headaches and soreness will disappear. Some people also experience minor dizziness or light sensitivity, but they usually only occur within the first few days.

    In addition to the temporary pain caused by your new prescription, the glasses themselves can be a little uncomfortable to wear for a time. Your ears, nose, and temples must all get used to the new equipment.

    Helpful tip : Try wearing your glasses for a few hours at a time during that first week to help reduce your discomfort.

    Constant cleaning

    No matter how hard you try to keep your glasses clean, dirt and grime will seem to gravitate to those clear lenses like ants to a picnic. Water drops, fingerprints, oil from your hands, and food are all common culprits.

    Helpful tip: Have a soft, lint-free, dust-resistant cleaning cloth on hand to keep your glasses clear. A spray bottle of the cleaning solution is also great to have for really dirty jobs.

    Now where did they go…

    You may have thought it funny in the past when someone asked if you had seen their glasses and you noticed them resting on top of their head. Chances are this will happen to you! If you are constantly losing your keys or your wallet, just expect that you will have the same problem with your glasses.

    Helpful tip : Have a designated spot where you put your glasses when you are not wearing them. This may work for your keys and wallet too!

    Have fun with it

    With so many different styles, colors, and features to choose from, there is no reason that you can’t make a major fashion statement with your new glasses. Whether your new look is bold and daring or sophisticated and understated, just go with it and expect people to take a little time getting used to the new you.

    Wearing glasses can be an exciting experience, so call 603-421-6489 to find out more !

  • What to Expect When Your Child Gets Glasses for the First Time

    A useful guide to get you through the adjustment period

    Finding out that your child needs glasses can be a little overwhelming. Of course, you want your son or daughter to see clearly, but if you find yourself asking questions like “how in the world am I going to keep those things on my active 4-year-old”, don’t sweat it.

    You are not the first parent to ask that, nor will you be the last.

    The eye care experts at Spindel Eye Associates want to help make the process of getting glasses for children as stress-free as possible , so take a look at these helpful tips.

    Make your case

    When it comes to parenting, half of the battle is just convincing your children that they need whatever it is you are pitching to them… and that it won’t make them look stupid, of course.

    If your child loves to read but gets headaches all the time, emphasize that the headaches will go away with glasses, making reading that much more enjoyable.

    If your child loves nature but can’t make out the bird in the tree, let him or her know that child glasses will make every detail crystal clear.

    If your child is worried about looking ridiculous (image is everything, after all), point out important people in his or her life (supercool babysitter, older cousins, friends at school) that also wear glasses.

    Prepare for the eye doctor

    Doctor visits of any kind might be stressful for kids, so chat with your child ahead of time. Be sure to mention that the appointment won’t hurt a bit and can even be fun! The doctor will check your child’s vision using a series of lenses to determine the prescription strength.

    Getting glasses for a toddler?

    No worries! Special tests that use symbols instead of letters are effective on even the youngest of patients.

    Select the right child glasses

    • Kids are tough on just about everything, so choose lenses made from plastic or polycarbonate.
    • Spring for the protective coating.
    • Make sure the frames fit properly.
    • Consider the options. Flexible hinges, plastic straps, and cable earpieces can increase comfort and help the frames stay put.

    Patience and persistence

    Now that the eye exam is over and the frame selection has been made, all that’s left is to convince your child to wear the glasses. Sounds easy, right?

    Well, it might be easier than you think!

    • Let your child choose the frames. Just like the ugly shirt they got for Christmas, kids won’t wear something unless they love it!
    • Acknowledge your child’s initial discomfort. Wearing child glasses will seem weird for a few weeks, but soon it will become like second nature.
    • Be patient and try not to get angry when you keep finding the glasses everywhere but on your child’s face. Simply pick them up, perch them back on your child’s nose, and remind him or her that the benefits of glasses only work when they are worn.
    • Don’t make a big deal about the new glasses. Your child won’t thank you if they feel awkward in front of their friends.
    • Glasses can be a fashion accessory! Brainstorm with your child about ways to make these specs into their own personal statement.

    Make wearing glasses fun for your kids by calling or visiting any of our three locations for more helpful tips!

  • Do You Need Reading Glasses?

    A common reason for individuals to visit an eye doctor as they get older is a decrease in their eyes’ ability to read well. With age, the lenses in your eyes can become less flexible, making it more difficult for them to focus on close objects. Watch this video if you’re wondering if you need reading eyeglasses near Derry or Windham.

    One common indication that a person could benefit from reading glasses is if they have to extend their arm outward in order to read text clearly. If you need reading glasses, another symptom you may notice is the ability to read large fonts, but not small ones. If you are suffering from either of these symptoms, then consider seeing your eye doctor for a vision test.

  • How to Choose a Pair of Frames

    Once your eye doctor has administered an eye exam and vision test, you can look through the available eyeglasses frames at our optical shops in Derry, Windham and Loddonderry . The style, shape, and color of eyeglasses frames you choose will depend on your eye care budget, face shape, and your personal aesthetics. You can try on a number of different eyeglasses frames at your local eye care center to determine which are most flattering.

    To complement your beauty most effectively, your eyeglasses frames should be coordinated with your best facial feature. For instance, you might choose a frame color that matches the color of your eyes. The shape of your frame should contrast with your face shape; if you have a round face, for example, you should look for frames that are angular, narrow, and rectangular. The color of your eyeglasses frames should also complement your personal coloring. Those with cool skin tones should choose frames in cool colors, and those with warm skin tones should choose frames in warm colors.

    eye glasses Frames

  • The Eye-Opening Facts About Buying Glasses Online

    Do you need eyeglasses near Londonderry and Windham ? Chances are you’ve considered skipping a visit to the eye doctor and purchasing your frames online instead. While there are some advantages to buying glasses on the Internet, such as a wide selection of inexpensive frames, these generally do not outweigh the drawbacks. Read on to learn the facts about shopping for eyeglasses online.

    Different Standards Buying Glasses Online
    According to a study published in Optometry: Journal of the American Optometric Association , prescription eyeglasses purchased online just aren’t up to snuff. Almost half of the prescription glasses purchased online did not meet safety standards or prescription specifications in the study. Not only were many of the glasses incorrect upon delivery, but more than a quarter of them had at least one lens that contained the wrong prescription or failed the FDA’s regulation on impact resistance.

    Added Expenses
    Eyeglasses purchased online may not only be unsafe for your eyes; they may also be uncomfortable. Many eye doctors offer a “free adjustment” for glasses bought in their stores. However, cheaper online shops can’t offer this option, meaning you’ll have to pay for it out-of-pocket. Online outlets often have “virtual fitting,” allowing you to “try on” frame designs using a picture of your face. While this may be an adequate method for choosing a frame design, it does not take into account inter-pupillary distance, frame width, bridge width, or temple length. In other words, even the best-looking glasses will need an adjustment to make them comfortable for everyday wear.

    The verdict is in—it’s best to buy your eyeglasses from an experienced ophthalmologist. Doing so will, in the long run, save you time, money, and effort. You’ll be confident that your glasses are personalized in fit and prescription, so you won’t have to sacrifice your eye health or your comfort. While online shops are a great option for inexpensive clothes and gadgets, when it comes to your health, it doesn’t pay to cut corners!

  • What Glasses Shape Suits Your Face?

    Selecting a new pair of glasses is the fun part of eye care serving Londonderry and Windham. After your eye doctor determines your prescription, it is important to pick eyeglasses that perfectly suit your face shape.

    Whether you need a new prescription or your eye doctor has told you that it is time for reading glasses, vision correction is an important part of eye care and ocular health. However, selecting glasses is also the most exciting part of any ocular exam. For a round face, look for rectangular frames or strong angles. If you have a square face shape, choose soft, round frames. Diamond face shapes are best suited to fun cat eye and oval shapes.

  • Buyer Beware: The Truth about Online Glasses [Infographic]

    It is easy to see the appeal of ordering your eyeglasses online—after all, you can place your order from the comfort of your home. However, ask any eye doctor, and you will learn that ordering your eyeglasses on the web puts your eye health at risk. Many online glasses orders arrive with the wrong prescription in at least one lens, and many others fail impact testing. Even if your glasses are made to your specifications, are you sure your order is correct? Eye doctors play a central role in ensuring you get the right fit and design for your needs. Learn more about the potential pitfalls of ordering glasses online in this infographic from Spindel Eye Associates . Our eye doctors in Windham can ensure you get the right glasses every time. The popularity of online glasses is exploding, so help others avoid making mistakes with their vision health by sharing this information.

    Online Glasses