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Lasik Eye Surgery in Derry

Correcting Your Vision

LASIK eye surgery in Derry

LASIK is the most effective and safest refractive surgery procedure to correct your vision. As eye care physicians, we understand the frustration that comes from dealing with glasses or contact lenses. This breakthrough procedure provides you with crystal clear vision. Our eye surgeons are committed to helping you achieve better vision.

While LASIK complications are rare, when they do occur, they are often related to the oscillating blade associated with traditional microkeratornes. Metal blades can cause uneven flap edges, which can result in abnormal corneal surfaces and vision problems including irregular astigmatism. They can also create incomplete or incorrectly formed “buttonhole” flaps that can result in vision-threatening scars. When lasers are used for the LASIK procedure, there is less risk of complications.

LASIK eye surgery in Londonderry

For those who have mild / moderate myopia, hyperopia, and / or astigmatism, as well as adequate corneal thickness, bladeless LASIK surgery may be a great option. Bladeless / laser LASIK surgery creates flaps via infrared laser energy that allows tiny, overlapping spaces to appear directly below the corneal surface. The femtosecond laser used in the bladeless LASIK procedure uses incredibly high speeds, allowing targeted tissues to be divided at a molecular level without heating or negatively impacting surrounding tissues.

Laser Eye Surgery in Derry

As part of our LASIK surgery we do the following:

  • Use an Intralase Laser to create a thin corneal flap
  • Lift the corneal flap to apply a laser beam on the cornea
  • Reshape the tissue of the cornea
  • Replace flap over treated area

LASIK Vision Correction in DerryThe cornea flap protects and helps your eyes so you receive enhanced vision more rapidly. Correcting your vision is our priority. With this state-of-the-art technology, we can treat your eyes blade-free. Through this remarkable surgery procedure and passionate eye doctors, we guarantee you receive optimum vision. See if your eyes need LASIK surgery by calling us at (603) 434-4193 in Derry or (603) 432-9578 in Londonderry.