Dry Eye Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Dry eye syndrome is when someone experiences a constant lack of moisture and lubrication in the eyes, creating everything from inflammation and irritation, and can leave the eye vulnerable to any debris or dust in the air that could potentially cause an issue. When dealing with dry eye syndrome, it can potentially lead to scarring and other issues when left untreated.

How does dry eye occur?

Your eyes need a few essential components to create tears. They need all of these to be working at the same time or you will have an issue with creating sufficient lubrication and tears for your eyes. Those who experience dry eye are usually people who are using the computer or screens too often, live in dry or windy climates and environments, fly regularly, or those who smoke. As you age, dry eye is more likely to affect you as well.

Do you have dry eye?

There are several symptoms of dry eyes. They can include anything from itchy eyes, light sensitivity, burning and soreness, heavy or fatigued eyes, and more. Dry eye can get worse, so it is important you call before a bigger issue occurs.

Get dry eye relief today

If you are not sure whether you have dry eyes or not, feel free to schedule an appointment with Spindel Eye Associates for a proper examination of your eyes. You can always give us a call and one of our doctors can speak with you about your potential dry eye issues and whether there is anything that can help you right away or soon. We want you to get the help you need so you can stop dealing with this chronic and uncomfortable issue before it gets any worse.