• At What Age Should My Child See the Eye Doctor?

    Most parents take their children to the doctor each year for an annual physical, but many do not realize that eye exams are also important for kids. Did you know that about 25 percent of school kids have vision problems that affect their school performance? School-aged children should have regular eye exams, but in fact, […]

  • Why would I need an Eye Specialist?

    Many people don’t regularly see an eye doctor. Some people very rarely see an ophthalmologist, and many only see an optometrist when it’s time to change the prescription on their eyeglasses. There are conditions, however, that require an eye doctor’s attention. How do you know when you need an eye specialist? Certain symptoms should prompt […]

  • What you Need to Know about Dry Eye

    Have you heard of dry eye? There are commercials that talk about dry eye, leaving many curious as to what exactly dry could be. We all get dry eyes from time to time, but when eye doctors talk about dry eye, they’re referring to a condition that affects millions of people. It’s more common as […]

  • What to Eat to Protect your Eye Health

    You know it’s important to eat a healthy diet, but do you know that what you eat can make a big difference for your eye health? Research indicates that a nutrient-dense diet can greatly reduce the risk of eye problems related to the aging process. Do you know what to eat to protect your eye […]

  • Things your Eye Doctor Wishes You Knew

    How educated are you about eye health? Most of us don’t give our eyes much thought, but it’s important to have a basic understanding of eye function and health in order to keep them working their best. Here are some things your eye doctor wishes you knew about keeping your eyes healthy. It’s important for […]

  • How to Choose the best Eyeglasses for You

    Eyeglasses have been around since the 13th century, but they haven’t always been a fashionable accessory. In fact, some people used to dread shopping for eyeglasses because of a fear that they wouldn’t find a pair that was flattering. Today, there are so many eyeglasses from which to choose, it can actually be a daunting […]

  • All about Contact Lenses

    Contact lenses are popular with people who don’t want to wear eyeglasses. Contacts are not only aesthetically inconspicuous, but they also offer more natural vision because they move with your eye and nothing gets in the way of your line of sight. Contact lenses are great for people who lead active lifestyles, and they don’t […]

  • Which conditions can LASIK correct?

    If you have trouble with your vision, and you wear glasses or contacts, you’ve probably wondered if LASIK surgery is for you. For some people, LASIK is almost a miracle, giving them clear vision and freedom from corrective lenses. It’s not right for everyone, though, and some conditions cannot be corrected through LASIK. How do […]

  • What’s the difference between the different kinds of eye doctors?

    Most of us have a primary care physician for our bodies, and if something goes awry that’s outside our doctor’s realm of expertise, we’re given a referral to a different doctor. It’s all pretty straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of thought on the part of the patient. When it comes to our vision, though, […]

  • What’s the Best Time to get LASIK?

    If you’re trying to schedule LASIK, you might be wondering about the best time to do it. This can raise many questions for you, both about LASIK in general and also about your own unique life situation. Should you avoid certain times of year? Should you wait for a time when there’s not too much […]