Spotlight on Dr. David Vazan

Dr. David Vazan is a comprehensive ophthalmologist here at Spindel Eye Associates. If you need an excellent eye doctor near the Derry or Salem areas, Dr. Vazan may be the perfect match for you.

Dr. Vazan began his career at a private practice in the Northern New Jersey area after earning his doctorate from New York Medical College. His bachelor’s degree in neurobiology and biomedical engineering gives him a specialized understanding of how the eyes work on a cellular level, which is a great benefit for his patients.

Dr. Vazan has a passion for continuing education and is constantly keeping abreast of the latest discoveries, information, and techniques in the fields of surgical, laser, and medical treatments for eye conditions. He joined the practice at Spindel Eye Associates in 2011, where he has proven himself to be a skilled, competent, and valuable asset. You may meet Dr. Vazan by scheduling an eye care appointment at either our Derry or Londonderry location.