When Should Your Child Have an Eye Exam?

eye exam in Manchester If a child has a cold, sniffles or a cough might alert his or her parents to the problem. When a child has vision problems, though, it can be more difficult to notice the warning signs. That is why eye doctors recommend that children have regular eye exams. If you are wondering when to schedule your child’s first eye exam in Londonderry, consider the following information.

Initial Eye Examination

Why do eye doctors advise parents to see an ophthalmologist for their children at a young age? For one, if an infant does suffer from vision problems, he or she will probably not be able to communicate about that problem. Because children develop balance and motor coordination at a varying timetable, parents may not recognize a problem if their child is slow to walk or reach out for items, which can both signal eyesight issues. In addition, should an eye doctor diagnose a vision problem in a young child, vision correction treatment can begin right away, which may help to prevent additional issues? The sooner that a child gets appropriate eye care, the more that it can aid his or her normal childhood development.

Follow-Up Eye Care

It’s important to keep in mind that children need more than a single eye exam. Eye doctors normally recommend follow-up eye tests throughout childhood, as some children may develop vision problems as they age. Regular eye examinations can be particularly important for school-age children. Though older children may have the ability to articulate their eyesight issues, they may refrain from doing so and instead try to cope quietly with their problems. While remaining silent, they may struggle to read dry erase boards at school or their textbooks at home. If they cannot see clearly, it can also impact their athletic abilities and contribute to poor self-esteem. An ophthalmologist can fit children experiencing vision problems with eyeglass prescriptions to help them succeed in all aspects of their academic careers. As they age, children may also find it easier to use contact lenses. Upon reaching the age of 18, they may also want to consider their LASIK eye surgery options.