What Are Cataracts?

How to spot cataract?

How to spot cataract? Eye health can be compromised by many conditions, one of which is cataracts. This video discusses how cataracts form and why eye care in Derry is important to avoid the complications they can cause.

The lens is a part of the eye that helps to focus light rays when they enter the cornea. Healthy lenses are completely transparent. Some people, though, become cloudy due to the accumulation of protein particles. These particles can cause multiple vision problems, such as blurriness and glare. However, these issues are correctable with cataract surgery. An eye doctor can quickly and safely remove lenses with cataracts and introduce artificial replacements that function just as well as natural lenses. If you are noticing increasing vision blurriness or other common cataract symptoms, consult your eye doctor about treatment.

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