Buyer Beware: The Truth about Online Glasses [Infographic]

It is easy to see the appeal of ordering your eyeglasses online—after all, you can place your order from the comfort of your home. However, ask any eye doctor, and you will learn that ordering your eyeglasses on the web puts your eye health at risk. Many online glasses orders arrive with the wrong prescription in at least one lens, and many others fail impact testing. Even if your glasses are made to your specifications, are you sure your order is correct? Eye doctors play a central role in ensuring you get the right fit and design for your needs. Learn more about the potential pitfalls of ordering glasses online in this infographic from Spindel Eye Associates. Our eye doctors in Windham can ensure you get the right glasses every time. The popularity of online glasses is exploding, so help others avoid making mistakes with their vision health by sharing this information.

The Truth About Online Glasses - Infographic