How to Choose a Pair of Frames

Once your eye doctor has administered an eye exam and vision test, you can look through the available eyeglasses frames at our optical shops in Derry, Windham and Loddonderry . The style, shape, and color of eyeglasses frames you choose will depend on your eye care budget, face shape, and your personal aesthetics. You can try on a number of different eyeglasses frames at your local eye care center to determine which are most flattering.

To complement your beauty most effectively, your eyeglasses frames should be coordinated with your best facial feature. For instance, you might choose a frame color that matches the color of your eyes. The shape of your frame should contrast with your face shape; if you have a round face, for example, you should look for frames that are angular, narrow, and rectangular. The color of your eyeglasses frames should also complement your personal coloring. Those with cool skin tones should choose frames in cool colors, and those with warm skin tones should choose frames in warm colors.

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