A Brief Look at the Treatment Regime for Glaucoma


Going to an ophthalmologist for regular eye exams near Londonderry is an important way to detect vision problems as early as possible. When the eye doctor is able to detect glaucoma in its early stages, he or she can help the patient preserve his or her vision. An eye doctor can recommend both non-surgical and surgical treatment options. Patients may be prescribed medicated eye drops. It’s important to take these eye drops exactly as prescribed in order to optimize the amount of medication that the eye receives. If eye drops are not sufficient to manage glaucoma, the eye doctor may recommend oral medications, which may be taken in conjunction with eye drops.

Another treatment option for glaucoma patients is laser eye surgery. Open-angle glaucoma is treatable with selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT), which lowers the intraocular pressure inside the patient’s eye and eventually makes it easier for fluid to drain out of the eye. The effect of SLT generally lasts anywhere from one to five years. However, patients may still need to continue using medications after surgery in order to control their glaucoma.

Glaucoma in Derry, Windham, & Londonderry, NH