Post-LASIK Eye Surgery Care Tips

Post LASIK Care

LASIK eye surgery is a common procedure, and it only takes about five to ten minutes per eye. After you’ve had LASIK, you probably know you’ll need someone to drive you home. But what happens after that? Do you know what to expect in terms of vision and discomfort? What are the best ways to take care of yourself to facilitate healing and protect your vision?

  • The first six hours are considered the recovery period. The way people feel after the LASIK procedure varies widely, with some people finding the difference nearly miraculous, and others feeling that their vision is very hazy. Similarly, some people feel like nothing at all has happened to their eyes, while others report the feeling of sand or an eyelash irritating the eye. Whatever you feel right after LASIK, it’s probably not going to change drastically in the first two hours. By hour three or four, the sensitivity has diminished or vanished completely, and vision is clear
  • During the first week after surgery, be gentle with yourself. You’ll still need your eye drops, you will follow up with your doctor, and you should probably sleep wearing the eye shields your doctor will give you. You will probably be allowed to drive after the next day follow-up with your doctor, but you might want to take a couple of days off work anyway. Don’t wear eye makeup during that first week, and don’t exercise, swim, or go into a pool or hot tub. Wear sunglasses religiously for the first week, and take it easy on the reading; you don’t want to strain your eyes.
  • For a month after your surgery, take precautions. Do not play contact sports for at least a month after LASIK eye surgery. Don’t rub your eyes, either, because you could disrupt the healing process. Smoke can irritate your eyes

The most important thing you can do to care for yourself after LASIK eye surgery is to follow-up with your doctor. Following your doctor’s instructions and going back in for check-ups is the best way to make sure your eyes heal correctly and you have the best possible results from your procedure. If you’re looking for an eye doctor in Derry, Spindel Eye Associates is here for you. Celebrating our thirtieth year of eye care, we proudly serve patients in Derry, Londonderry, Windham, providing personalized eye care using top of the line technology. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 603.421.6536 or contact us through our website.