Why you Should Wear Sunglasses in the Winter

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Time to WinterEyes

Ryan McGowan, Certified Optician

We all know of the importance of wearing sunglasses in the summer time but how about in the winter? Did you know winter intensifies UV rays by increasing the amount of light reflected off the ground? All that snow makes the perfect trampoline for UV rays and glare to bounce right into your eyes.

With this seasonal increase in reflective surfaces the glare can become rather annoying. Often when commuting to work or school you will notice the sun seems to be rising or setting right in your face. A quality pair of polarized sunglasses, such as Maui Jim, will cut down that glare considerably while letting your eyes feel more relaxed and comfortable.

What’s the Damage?

Exposure to UV rays can have both short and long-term damaging effects on our eyes. You can get a sunburn (Photokeratitis) on your eyes, this is common among skiers in the winter. This experience can be quite painful and could lead to temporary vision loss.

Sun damage over time may also lead to, as well as accelerate, the formation of Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, and skin cancer. Spindel Eye doctors and our Opticians advocate that everyone wear sunglasses year-round to reduce these potential threats to our vision.

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The Winds of Winter

Wind is also something to watch out for especially when skiing or enjoying outdoor activities. When air moves rapidly across the surface of the eye it causes the tears that keep your eyes comfortable and lubricated to evaporate. You may also have to worry about dust and debris blowing their way into your eye.

Wearing eye protection in these blustery conditions will help the eye retain its natural moisture and not dry out so easily, this is especially important for contact lens wearers. This will prevent the urge to rub those eyeballs, which usually makes things worse despite the temporary relief. You will also find your eyes feeling less strained and fatigued after prolonged outdoor playtime.

Overlook’s Fashionable Solutions

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Overlook Opticians recommend polarized lenses with 100% UV protection. A polarized lens is the best way to eliminate blinding sun glare and keep damaging UV rays away from your eyes. Our eyewear experts can assist you in choosing the perfect frames and lenses to fulfill your stylistic as well as practical needs.

We have a number of protective and fashionable eyewear options from a variety of brands. I personally wear Maui Jim sunglasses because of their exceptional quality. Not only are their frames well-made but the vision through Maui Jim sunglass lenses is second to none. We also have a wide selection of sunglass frames from reputable brands such as Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, Nike, and many more. Stop on by Overlook Optical, we would be happy to help you WinterEyes and protect those eyes from the cold weather.

Reach out to our experienced Optical team at any of our four Southern New Hampshire Locations, Derry, Londonderry, Windham, or Raymond, they’d be happy to help you find the perfect pair for you.