Myths and Facts: Contact Lenses

Contact Lens ApplicationContact lenses are an amazing innovation, and they just keep getting better. They’ve long allowed people to forgo eyeglasses and live active lifestyles without worrying about glasses fogging up or slipping. Over the years, contact lens technology has greatly improved, yet there are still myths about contact lenses that persist. Here, we’ll look at some contact lenses myths and facts, to clear up the confusion.

  • Myth: Contact lenses have an appropriate age range. This is one of those enduring myths about contact lenses. Facts: There is not an age restriction on contact lenses, and they can be worn by both children and adults. Anyone, at any age, can enjoy the convenience of contacts, and many older adults choose them over reading glasses.
  • Myth: It’s possible for contact lenses to slip behind the eye and get lost. In reality, this is physically impossible. There’s a membrane covering your eye, and it connects inside your eyelids precisely so that nothing can get behind your eye.
  • Myth: Contact lenses are not comfortable and can even be painful. Actually, modern contact lenses are so comfortable they’re often unnoticeable. This is one of those facts about contact lenses that gets misconstrued because of how contacts used to be. Forty or fifty years ago, contact lenses could be extremely uncomfortable. However, this is no longer true.
  • Myth: Contact lenses move around a lot, sometimes getting stuck or popping out. These two ideas are the opposite of each other, yet point to one myth. The fact is that contact lenses don’t move very much, except to shift slightly side to side, and if they feel dry or “stuck,” all that’s necessary is a few rewetting drops to loosen them up. As to popping out, this should never happen if your lenses are properly fitted. If they shift, blink your eyes and they’ll move back into place.
  • Myth: Contact lenses are too complicated. Some people think that they’re hard to take care of, while others think they’re hard to situate in the eye. Neither is true. Typically, reusable lenses can be cleaned and stored with just one type of solution, and daily disposable lenses need no care at all. As to putting them into your eyes, your eye doctor’s staff will show you how to do it and make sure you’re confident before you ever leave the office.
  • Myth: Contact lenses are expensive. In fact, the price of contact lenses is comparable to that of a new pair of glasses. Just as you would with eyeglasses, you can find contact lenses that fit your budget.

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