A Patient’s Guide to LASIK

Lasik Eye Surgery Derry NH

Refractive errors can lead to significant vision issues. If you are tired of relying on glasses and contact lenses in order to see, LASIK eye surgery can correct these errors to give you back your sight. Keep reading to learn more about the procedure and to figure out if this is the right option for you: The Procedure

LASIK eye surgery is an effective and a safe way to fix your vision problems so you no longer have to use contacts or glasses to see. Refractive errors occur when the cornea does not properly focus the light before it hits the retina. By using LASIK, an eye surgeon can use a laser to gently change the shape of the cornea so it can properly focus the light.

The Best Candidates

The best candidates for the LASIK procedure are those who have mild or moderate myopia, hyperopia, and or astigmatism. Myopia, or nearsightedness, causes objects that are far away to appear blurry. Hyperopia, or farsightedness, causes objects that are close up to appear blurry. Astigmatism causes blurriness at all distances. You should also have had a stable prescription for more than a year and be in good overall health.

The Preparation

If you and your eye doctor have decided that LASIK eye surgery is the right option for you, you should not wear contact lenses for a few days before the procedure. Contacts actually change the shape of the cornea and might affect the doctor’s ability to take measurements before the procedure. Do not use any lotion, makeup, or perfume on the day of the surgery. You should also ask a friend or a family member to drive you home.

The Results

Once the procedure is complete, you might notice a little bit of itching or burning. It is important to avoid rubbing your eyes. You might also be sensitive to light or have hazy vision for a few days. Schedule a follow up appointment with Spindel Eye Associates at (603) 434-4193 to ensure that everything is healing well. Within the next few months, your vision will drastically improve.