Why Eye Exams Are So Important?

eye exam derry nh Visiting the eye doctor for regular eye exams is an extremely important element of your overall optical health. Keep reading to find out how these exams can help you maintain healthy eyes and good vision:

The Doctor Can Check for Glaucoma

Even if you feel like you have perfect vision, there are certain eye issues that might not create any noticeable symptoms. When you go in for your regular eye exam, the doctor has the chance to look for any signs of glaucoma. As the second leading cause of blindness in the United States, glaucoma can create serious vision issues in the future. If the eye doctor can catch it early, though, he or she has a better chance to treat it.

The Doctor Can Check Your Vision

Sometimes small changes in vision are extremely hard to detect. With regular eye exams, your doctor can check on the condition of your vision to make sure there have been no changes. If there have been, he or she can alter your prescription to ensure that your glasses or contact lenses are working as well as they can. The doctor might also suggest a procedure like LASIK eye surgery to give you the opportunity to correct your vision issues for good.

The Doctor Can Spot Signs of Other Illnesses

Some other illnesses create symptoms in the eyes. During a routine eye exam, your doctor might be able to spot issues with high blood pressure, diabetes, or other systemic illnesses that you might not even know that you have. Regularly visiting your eye doctor helps you maintain your optical health and it might even benefit your overall health as well.

If you are under 60 and have perfect vision, you should still visit Spindel Eye Doctors every two years for routine eye exams. Once you reach age 60, you should increase these visits to once a year to give the doctor the chance to check on your eye health and help you maintain your vision.