Fight Back Against Your Dry Eye Symptoms

If you’ve been suffering from a bout of dry eyes, you know just how annoying—and potentially problematic—it can be. How do you get rid of dry eyes and, more importantly, prevent future cases of it from happening? Your eye doctor can provide the best answers to those questions. Frequent dry eye symptoms in Salem can not only decrease your quality of life, but also increase your risk of infection and cause scarring, potentially leading to further complications. The good news is that there are ways that you can manage and prevent your dry eye symptoms. Continue reading to find out more.

Use Eye Drops

The easiest way to manage dry eyes is with eye drops. Finding good lubricating eye drops is important for not only improving your quality of life while dealing with dry eyes, but also for improving the problem itself. While over-the-counter eye drops are a good temporary solution, make sure you make an appointment with your eye doctor. He or she may be able to prescribe medicated eye drops that can reduce inflammation and provide long-lasting relief from your dry eye symptoms.

Understand Your Medications

If you get dry eyes frequently, this may be a side effect of a medication that you’re taking. If you believe this may be the case, read your prescription labels and talk to your doctor about whatever medications you are taking. Your doctor may then recommend a different medication that is not associated with dry eyes.

Treat a Related Condition

Sometimes, dry eyes occur as a result of another medical condition. If this is the case, setting up an appointment with your eye doctor for diagnosis and dry eye treatment is recommended. Your eye doctor will help you identify the ideal treatment option to address the cause of your dry eye symptoms.