What to Expect During and After LASIK Surgery

lasik eye surgery If you experience nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you probably have corrective lenses that address the problem. Some people would like a more permanent treatment, however, and so they are pointed towards LASIK eye surgery . This type of surgical eye treatment aims to reshape the cornea so that light can be appropriately focused and visual acuity can be restored. Read on for a brief overview of what to expect during and after LASIK surgery near Londonderry.


When you decide that you are interested in undergoing LASIK eye surgery, you will first meet with your eye doctor to discuss the procedure. Your eye doctor will assess your medical history and examine your eyes using corneal mapping, refraction, and pupil dilation tests. After discussing the procedure with your doctor and undergoing this evaluation you will meet with the surgeon who will be performing the procedure. You can then set the appointment date and ask the surgeon any questions you might have about how to handle the procedure and recovery period. Be sure to refrain from wearing contact lenses for three days leading up to the initial evaluation, and bring your glasses so the surgeon can take a look at your prescription. Eat a light meal on the day of your procedure and take your normal medications as usual.


LASIK eye surgery seeks to redesign the cornea using a certain kind of laser. The instrument used may be called a femtosecond laser or microkeratome, and your surgeon will use it to create and peel back a thin flap in the cornea. Your surgeon will then use a second laser to reshape the corneal tissue that lies beneath the cornea. This allows the cornea to focus light onto the retina properly.


The healing process that follows your LASIK eye surgery typically does not take long. Your eyes will be dry and your vision will probably be blurry the day after the procedure, but these elements will improve quickly. You will then schedule a follow-up appointment with your eye doctor one to two days following the surgery, and then you will meet again regularly throughout the next six months.