A Look at Cataract Surgery

Your eye doctor or ophthalmologist may recommend that you undergo cataract eye surgery in Londonderry if you have severe cataracts. Before suggesting eye surgery, your eye doctor will attempt treatment via more conservative methods, like corrective eyeglasses or contacts. If your vision problems do not improve, eye surgery may be necessary to treat the eye disease and maintain your overall eye health.

An ophthalmologist can perform cataract surgery as an outpatient procedure. The eye surgery only takes around 30 minutes to perform, and most patients report that their vision problems are immediately alleviated. Because the eye surgery utilizes a microscopic surgical technique, your eye doctor can make very small incisions, and you won’t need any stitches. Prior to the eye surgery, he will administer a topical anesthesia via eye drops, so you will remain safe, comfortable, and pain free throughout the procedure.

After making an incision, your doctor will insert a multifocal or toric ocular implant. This implant will reduce or eliminate vision problems that are caused by cataracts, such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. The majority of patients experience significant relief after undergoing cataract eye surgery.

Cataract Surgery in Derry, Windham, & Londonderry, NH