Don’t Fall for Fall Allergies: Precautions You Can Take


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When fall rolls around, it can be quite distressing, especially if you have bad allergies. You may feel like you spend the entire day in a haze, sneezing, blowing your nose, rubbing your eyes, and just feeling plain miserable. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps you can take in order to reduce your suffering from allergies. Take the following into consideration to get some relief this fall so you can lead a life as normal as possible.

Take Allergy Medications Early

If you’ve tried a few types of allergy medications and found one you like, that’s great. However, don’t wait until allergy season to begin taking your medication — that may be too late. Instead, start taking your allergy medication a few weeks before allergy season arrives. By doing so, you allow the medication to take full effect in your body before the allergens even arrive. By the time you actually face the allergens in the air, your body will be fully prepared to combat them, which can significantly reduce your allergies for the season.

Isolate Your Home from Pollen

Pollen is usually the number one culprit when it comes to severe allergies. If your allergies flare up extremely when you step outside the door, make sure you have a safe haven to return to by taking steps to prevent pollen from entering in your home. Keep your windows closed as much as possible, if not at all times. If your home feels too hot from having the windows closed, use your air conditioning instead. Make sure the air filter is free of dust to prevent your allergies from flaring up even worse. Change into a different set of clothes when you enter, and keep your shoes either by the door or outside.

Wear a Mask When Outside

As stated above, pollen is usually the culprit when it comes to itchy and dry eyes, sneezing, runny and stuffy noses, and itchy throats. Although you can fend off allergies by staying indoors and taking medication, you’ll inevitably have to go outside at some point during the fall, whether it’s to run errands or to mow the lawn. When you do so, you can reduce the effects that pollen has on you by wearing a surgical mask. Surgical masks create a barrier between the world and your nose and mouth, which decreases the amount of pollen you’re inhaling.

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