Protecting Your Eyes When Your Job Requires a Lot of Computer Work

Worried young Asian man with his hand on head, using laptop computerWhen your job requires a lot of computer work, it is important to take steps to protect your eyes. Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can lead to eye strain, headaches, and even vision problems.

There are a few simple things you can do to help reduce the risk of these problems:

  • Take breaks often. Get up and walk around at least once every hour. This will help reduce eye fatigue.
  • Blink frequently. Blinking helps keep your eyes lubricated and prevents them from drying out.
  • Adjust the lighting in your work or living space. Reduce glare by using curtains or blinds, and make sure your screen is not too bright or too dim.
  • Use the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break to look at something 20 feet away.
  • Adjust your monitor settings. Make sure the text on your screen is large enough to read easily and that the contrast is not too high or low. Also, adjust the brightness of your monitor to a comfortable level.
  • Use artificial tears. If your eyes feel dry, use artificial tears to lubricate them.
  • See your doctor regularly. If you wear contact lenses, be sure to see your eye doctor for regular checkups. And if you have any vision problems, be sure to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist for an evaluation.

By taking these simple steps, you can help protect your eyes and reduce the risk of vision problems associated with computer work.

Protect Your Eyes from the Dangers of Blue Light

As we spend more and more time staring at screens, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of blue light. Blue light is a type of light that is emitted by electronic devices like computers, smartphones, and televisions. This type of light has been shown to cause eye strain, headaches, and even sleep problems. While there are some benefits to blue light (like helping us stay alert during the day), the risks outweigh the benefits when we’re exposed to too much of it.

There are a few simple ways to protect your eyes from the dangers of blue light. First, try to limit your exposure to screens during the evening hours. This will help you avoid eye strain and getting disturbed sleep. Second, if you must use screens during the evening, try wearing blue light filtering glasses. These glasses will help block out some of the harmful blue light. Finally, make sure to take breaks often when using screens. Taking a few minutes every hour to look away from your screen will help relieve eye strain.

By following these simple tips, you can protect your eyes from the dangers of blue light exposure.

Recover from Digital Eye Strain with the Help of Spindel Eye Associates in New Hampshire

If you’ve been spending more time than usual staring at screens, you may be experiencing digital eye strain. Symptoms of digital eye strain include headaches, blurry vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. If you’re concerned about digital eye strain, the team at Spindel Eye Associates in New Hampshire can help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!