Why You Should Wear Glasses with Blue Light Protection

Woman using computer

Digital devices are an essential part of everyday life. Many people spend hours staring at their computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. While these devices make life easier, prolonged use can cause health problems due to overexposure to blue light. The good news is you can protect your eyes by wearing glasses with blue light protection.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a high-energy visible (HEV) light emitted by digital device screens, LED bulbs, fluorescent lights, and the sun. In other words, blue light is everywhere. Whether stemming from a natural or artificial source, blue light has a short wavelength, meaning it produces higher energy than other colors of light. This is damaging to the eye, which has no natural way to filter it out.

How Does Blue Light Cause Harm?

Prolonged exposure to blue light can damage your eyes and threaten your overall health. Here’s what makes blue light dangerous:

  • Retinal damage: Overexposure to blue light can damage the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that allows you to see. This damage can lead to permanent vision loss.
  • Digital eyestrain and headaches: Digital eyestrain causes discomfort, dryness, and soreness after prolonged use of digital devices. This may lead to squinting, poor posture, and difficulty concentrating. Blue light contributes significantly to these conditions.
  • Poor sleep habits: Blue light tricks your body into thinking it’s daytime, suppressing the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep. This can lead to poor sleep quality and insomnia.

Benefits of Glasses with Blue Light Protection

If you use digital devices for work or leisure, it’s important to protect your eyes and overall health by wearing glasses with blue light protection, also known as blue blockers. Here’s how this technology helps:

  • Reduce eyestrain: Glasses with blue light protection shield your eyes from high-energy light, reducing eyestrain and fatigue.
  • Improve vision: Blue blockers filter out blue light that causes glare and reduces clarity, improving your vision in the process.
  • Improve sleep: Reducing exposure to blue light at night helps restore the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle and improves sleep quality.
  • Boost metabolism: Studies show that exposure to blue light can affect your metabolism and lead to weight gain. Blue blockers reduce the risk of metabolic disorders and promote a healthy weight.
  • Lower the risk of heart disease: Studies have linked blue light exposure at night to increased cardiovascular risks. Experts recommend blue light protection to put the body back into its natural rhythm and lower the risk of heart disease.

Protect Your Eyes and Overall Health with Blue Blockers

At Spindel Eye Associates, we understand the risks of overexposure to blue light, which is why we offer blue light-blocking lenses as an optional add-on to any prescription or non-prescription glasses. This can be combined with anti-glare lenses, anti-fatigue lenses, and other options to preserve your vision in today’s modern world. For help selecting the perfect glasses to suit your needs, please call our eye care specialists at 603-434-4193. We have multiple convenient locations in Southern New Hampshire to serve you.